Content Adaptation to Multicultural Markets

Multicultural or cross-cultural marketing is the use of marketing towards one or more audiences of one or various specific ethnicities.

To be successful in multicultural marketing we carry out extensive research and work towards your goals. Language is one of the most important components in your marketing plan, but it is well known that translation will not necessarily convey your ideas from one language to the other. We adapt your words to your target market, but your media must have important components like the correct colours and images, to avoid negative connotations for your brand. One of the biggest mistakes a company or an individual can make is to translate information without adapting the message. We specialize in this matter and have professional people who will create a strong link between your communications and your target community.

Diversity is critical for an organization’s ability to innovate and adapt in a fast-changing environment.

Diversity and inclusion are key drivers of internal innovation and business growth. We create audio and video for internal communications with multicultural purposes. Whether you have your own content or not, we can adapt to your company’s message and create your training videos, corporate communications, presentations, or any other business media for your communications plan. If you already have your media ready in one language, we can convert it into a multilingual marketing or communication tool.

Several businesses forget that if you do not intentionally include, you unintentionally exclude. Multicultural societies all around the world are a reality. Global marketing, diversity and inclusion are important factors for your business or organization.