More than 90% of companies are using social media for marketing and business purposes. Most of them only use English as their language of communication. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and some other platforms are multilingual, but many companies are not following the same pattern.

Most internet users are not native English speakers, and the fact that people prefer to interact in their own language cannot be denied. Nowadays, the internet is a global phenomenon, which faces very few barriers, and it has already crossed most borders around the world. Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East all have hundreds of millions of social media users, and by communicating in only one language you are missing out on great opportunities for expansion and not reaching all those markets effectively.

World Communications offers special programs for companies that wish to have an ongoing service provider in , providing them with an immediate response and same day delivery for social-media purposes.

The internet makes it possible for companies to interact and communicate with clients and potential customers, it provides a fresh and unique setting where anyone can give you feedback on your product, leave reviews about your company and its service, and share your content with their own networks. Being able to  communicate effectively with the users who speak other languages is vital and can seem like a huge challenge.

Some companies have opted to use automatic generated translation, others prefer to use some of their bilingual employees who are not professional translators, while others have novice translators that are not specialized in specific industries. Technology does not have the capability to translate professionally.  By using automatic translation or bad translation services, you can damage your brand by delivering the wrong message, hurting your profile, your reputation and credibility.

Our company will personalize a service that can lead you to achieve these goals. If you’re not multilingual yet, now could be the time to diversify your message into multiple languages, reaching new target markets in an appealing, approachable and powerful manner.