Why We Are Your Best Option for Translation

Quality and Innovation: We are proud of our staff’s knowledge and experience; however, we ensure innovation is always an important component in our projects. We blend experience and new tendencies for all industries, making sure that your style reflects a professional and updated message for a fast-evolving digital world.

Project Management and Team Work: Even if you could find the best translator for your project, you may be missing out on quality and multiple resources by not having a specialized team working alongside, that will bring a better approach, team work, innovative and powerful solutions to your needs. We also have multiple high-quality translators for each job that will always be available for your special projects.

Price: Companies that work with World Communications get discounts based on volume of work, or by having a contract for our services as the preferred supplier. We also have a number of packages that may help you reduce costs. On a general basis, World Communications cares about providing an excellent service at the lowest possible rate.

Cross-Functional Teams for Translation and Communications

The advantage of working with World Communications is that we have experience working with other professionals beyond translation, localization and language content. We often work with graphic designers, lawyers, marketers, videographers, multimedia professionals, and more. No matter what you require, if it is related to communications, multilingual and multicultural markets, we have the solution for you. You won’t have to shop around and work independently with different professionals or agencies that specialize in each one of these trades. When you work separately with different professionals in different agencies, each one will understand your project in a different way, creating challenges to align your project into one core concept. Having one project manager for all your needs will help you find a faster and cost-effective solution for your content needs.

Considerations for Multicultural Projects

  • Colours, shapes, sizes
  • Slang, idioms
  • Graphics, images, icons, styles
  • Humour, etiquette, symbols, sense of power, relationships, beliefs
  • Market conditions and advertising trends specific to your industry
  • Design and celebrity trends
  • Technology and media developments
  • Date and time formats, telephone numbers, contact information
  • Weights, measurements, geographical references
  • Language content; product descriptions, reviews

Global Campaigns 

World Communications can adapt translation and communications for national or regional markets by creating campaigns for specific audiences with diverse behaviours. With social media trends and the rapid transfer of information on social media channels, it is crucial to maintain a strong worldwide vision of your brand and your messaging.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is a process that requires a lot of experience, familiarity with the language and legal terms, as well as the necessary time to master the content of a legal document in a different language. This consists of the translation of texts with legal content, such as statutes, contracts, patents, wills, etc. Legal assignments range from the international, federal, state or provincial, and local courts for trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations, litigation matters, settlement conferences and client meetings.

The Importance of Legal Translation Projects

Law is different in each language, and in each country. Some cases could be heard in court in two countries, the terminology and content may determine the way a case is judged. It is important that the translator has a deep knowledge of a country’s language to work in legal cases.

The legal systems of countries are very diverse. Laws and codes of a country are unique, cultural attitudes of its citizens are idiosyncratic and distinctive, and these shapes a country legal system. Also, legal terminology is vast and complex with certain terms that do not exist in both languages; in such cases, the translator must find an equivalent to describe the procedure and meaning of the legal term, without changing the original meaning of the legal document.

Often, cases may be interpreted differently in other countries. The legal translator must pay attention to the original interpretation of a case. Misinterpretation in translation could lead to a different judgement that could go very wrong. We often translate complex multinational contracts that need to address the differences between different legal systems, including taxation, human resources, policies and guidelines, and other legal issues related to different corporate areas.

Errors are never acceptable, however in the specific case of legal translation World Communications makes sure that all legal translators hold credentials to work with legal documents to translate properly the original meaning, keeping the content intact. Mistakes in legal translation could have irreversible results that could affect individuals, companies, national security, diplomatic relations, stakeholder’s relationships, etc.

Legal Translation and Confidentiality

Confidentiality is one of the most important components of the law, and is essential in both the effective prosecution and resolution of disputes. When a translation company is required in these processes, confidentiality becomes a crucial matter to succeed in legal cases.

We have worked with highly confidential documents in the defence, medical and legal sectors, and we understand that confidentiality is of the utmost importance when offering translation, interpretation and other language services at all levels. Our staff have signed comprehensive confidentiality agreements/non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with us, and we also sign confidentiality agreements or NDAs with our clients. We take confidentiality very seriously and each member of our team works under strict policies and guidelines.

We reinforce our policies when it comes to discretion and disclosure of any information contained in the client’s original documents and their translation. We also take full responsibility for the safekeeping of all such confidential documentation.

World Communications has always been proud of its quality, confidentiality and project management to deliver excellent outcomes to our customers. Confidentiality is one of our priorities to keep growing as one of the best translation and language services in Canada and the USA.

Document Translation

We are a member of the American Translator Association. Our translators hold certifications of different translation associations like We provide certified and notarized translations acceptable by the USCIS, employers and educators for all documents. Our highly skilled, professional translators are qualified, bilingual native speakers. They are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise.

We have translated thousands of documents for clients who need their immigration, legal, marriage, birth certificate and other personal certificates and documents translated for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), as well as for drivers’ licenses, legal and work related purposes. We also translate school transcripts, employment contracts, passports, adoption papers and all kinds of business documents.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Medical and pharmaceutical translation is the translation of clinical, regulatory, technical or marketing documentation, software or training curriculum for the pharmaceutical, medical or healthcare fields. Most countries require that literature and labeling associated with medical devices and equipment or pharmaceuticals be translated into their national language(s). In addition, documents necessary for conducting clinical trials often require translation so that local clinicians and patients and regulatory representatives are able to read them.

Medical translation is probably the most challenging area of translation. It requires highly specialized linguistic skills, specific training and up-to-date subject matter knowledge, research skills, precision, high quality control standards and a full understanding of stringent regulatory laws. The terminology used and the widespread use of abbreviations and acronyms demands knowledgeable and dedicated translators. The nature of medical texts is highly technical, sensitive and regulated. The smallest translation error can have serious if not fatal repercussions for patients and medical professionals. Medical instructions, explanations and guidelines must never be compromised.

We have an experienced and reliable team of translators that have been working for pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations and biotechnology firms for over 10 years. Our professionals have excellent linguistic skills, technical writing expertise, and professional designations like MDs and PhDs in all major areas of life sciences and medicine.

As the pharmaceutical industry operates on a global scale and must provide products to markets all around the world, we translate medical documents into many languages. For a complete list of these languages please visit our list of languages.

The following are just some of the medical documents that we have experience translating: medical texts, prescriptions, labels, manuals, articles, glossaries, Case Report Forms (CRFs), medical software, Informed Consent Forms, Pharmacological Studies, Toxicology Reports and any other medical related documentation. We can also provide interpretation services for medical consultations, including translating medical terminology into layman’s terms.

Financial Translation

Financial translation is another challenging field. It involves the conversion of documents, statements, reports, and web content from one language to another, in an accurate and secure manner, especially in the areas of banking, stock markets, investments and insurance. It requires linguistic expertise, strict quality controls, data security, total confidentiality and an understanding of the nuances of the banking and financial services sector.

Our financial translation specialists have over 10/15 years of experience in the banking and financial services sector, and from this pool of translators we will choose the one most suited to your project’s requirements. We take into consideration each country’s specific requirements and guidelines regarding numbering, formatting, regulations and terms. We have experience working with all kinds of businesses, from family run or small businesses to large national and multinational companies. All are treated with the same respect and dedication. Your annual reports, balance sheets, business plans, statements etc. will be dealt with accurately, rapidly and securely. Your financial communications will be effective and precise.

Software Transaltion

Software translation, in general, refers to the translation of all the graphical user interface (GUI) components of a software application, such as dialog boxes, menus, and status or error messages displayed on screen.

Most localization projects start with the software translation.

Software localization is a more complex process than simply translating a piece of software from one language to another. The software being translated needs to be adapted to the target audience’s specific needs and be conveyed in a manner which is quickly and easily understood. Localization involves many different areas such as translating the software strings, customizing date, currency, number and address formats, ensuring the user interface adapts to the new language’s writing system and characters and alphabets. Another point to be noted is that the length of the translated words should not be neglected as this may lead to the system being redesigned to suit the foreign language version.

Gaming Translation

Professional Gaming Industry Translation Service

Gaming has become a huge industry, and its demand is expanding globally. Gaming communities can be found in countries as varied as the UK, South Korea, Iran, Brazil and Japan. If a gaming company develops its games in several languages, using translation and localization methods, huge profits can be made.

World Communications has a pool of translators who are highly experienced in the field of gaming translation and they will ensure all translations are specific for each target market. Our company also has profound knowledge of the regulations which affect the industry differently in each country. We can also adapt content for games on multiple platforms.

Translating for Gaming is a continuous undertaking which requires constant updating and monitoring. Our team of professionals will take care of all your needs. We guarantee quality, efficiency, accuracy and dedication.

These are just a few areas we have expertise in:

  • Online games
  • Mobile phone games
  • Promotional Material
  • User agreements
  • Voice-over and subtitling
  • Packaging and product descriptions
  • Websites
  • In-game narrative
  • Newsletters

Scientific Translation

Scientific translators have specialized credentials to work in one or more of the following fields: Biology, chemistry, ecology & environment, genetics, geography, geology, medicine, nutrition, physics, optics, pharmaceuticals, psychology, veterinary sciences and more.

The approach for scientific translation is different than other fields. In these assignments, our first task will be to read and comprehend the text. The translator must be familiar with and understand the meaning of the many technicalities that are found in a scientific text. Only people with the necessary expertise will be able to work in these specialized areas. The next step will be to draft the translation. For this second stage, translators must have the ability to write and understand the task. Our team is well versed in the scientific technicalities of the destination language, and they have the experience to work on such important projects. As in any other type of translation, it is essential for them to be native or bilingual speakers and that the target language is their first language.

Scientific translation that we excel at:

Case report forms

Training documentation





Congress materials


Study reports


Not every translator is able to translate complex and specialized materials. We work with some of the best translators in the field. Their knowledge and experience will provide the high quality and accuracy needed for such industries.

Technical Translation

This type of translation relates to technical documentation such as mining, engineering, IT, electronics, mechanics, and industrial materials, documents and content in general. Technical translators require studies, knowledge, experience and a specialized terminology used in specific sectors. It is also very important that the translators analyze the geographical zone where the translation is going to be used. For instance, in the mining industry, similar procedures, machines and tools may have different names in the same language according to the target region or country. Each translator has specific designations that allow us to work with technical translation in many industries, and in most languages and countries around the world.

The importance of consistent terminology in technical translation, due to the highly formulaic and repetitive nature of technical writing makes computer-assisted translation using translation memories and terminology databases more appropriate. Technical translators are not professionals that work on a regular basis on all kind of translations. Our team of technical translators have designations as technical writers and specializations in diverse industries. We will assign the professional that best suits your project, considering area, location and industry.