Update on COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, we have been supporting organizations, businesses, and individuals with translation and interpretation services.

At World Communications, we are working hard to support our customers and every person, organization and business in Canada to communicate in other languages, doing our part, focused on a fast, dependable and efficient response to the people we serve and making sure that those we employ remain safe and secure. These uncertain times have undermined our daily life, our businesses and our jobs, but our primary role is to continue helping you to communicate in a safe, accurate and fast manner in all languages.

All our interpreters are currently working only over the phone and online, and all our translators are working from home all over Canada and the US.

We know how important rapid and clear communications are during these challenging times, and we are working on a 24/7 basis to help those companies with urgent communications. In order to support everyone in these difficult moments, we have voided our rush fees for any translation service related to COVID-19 communications. We want to reinforce the fact that we, as communications professionals, have an important role in this crisis when it comes to connecting people through important messages to maintain our communities informed, vigilant and safe.

We truly hope you are safe and healthy, and we hope for a positive outcome for our world in the following months.

All together and united, we will overcome this challenge.

Fernando Gomez
World Communications President


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