Our mission is to provide multilingual and multicultural communications and translation services, quality, fast turnaround, innovative solutions, and effective advice to clients in all industries, and to convey clear and professional messages providing the best prices in the market.

We are a Canadian company, established in 2008, that integrates the core services of Translation, Interpreting, Communications, and Multimedia Services in more than 150 languages.

We offer a professional team of translators, interpreters, multimedia developers, project managers, digital marketers, lawyers, language specialists and other professionals that can manage Internal and External Communications, Multimedia and Multicultural Content, and expertly navigate Translation, Languages and Cross-Cultural Projects in multilingual or multicultural markets.


This is what we do


    We provide accurate, high-quality translation services in more than 150 languages. Our specialized project management system, helps us understand your needs, create a strategy to use the best resources for your project, and deliver high quality results, at a fast pace, all while providing the best prices in the market. In our global business environment, culture and language play a key role in the success of a business. Our certified team of linguists and subject matter experts can help individuals, corporations, law firms, government agencies, and organizations communicate and succeed in a globalized world.

    Our specialized team covers several technical fields and practice areas. We offer a comprehensive service with translators, interpreters, multimedia developers, lawyers, voice talent, transcriptionists, and other communicators that excel in multilingual and multicultural projects. Additionally, our personalized customer service sets us apart from other translation and communication companies. All our services will be executed by a project manager that understands your project and helps you to achieve your goals.


    Your time is extremely valuable and we understand that you may have challenging deadlines. Legal and business matters are managed with urgency. Our translation team is available for rush assignments upon request. Other services like multilingual voiceover and telephone interpretation are also available for urgent requests.

    Our mission is to provide multilingual and multicultural communications and translation services, quality, fast turnaround, innovative solutions, and effective advice to clients in all industries, and to convey clear and professional messages providing the best prices in the market.


    World Communications’ Project Managers supervise the overall organization of translation, communications and media projects. The main objective of a translation Project Manager is to link the clients’ needs to the best suited professionals in our company, to achieve the best results. Our clients can reach their project manager on a 24/7 basis to update project information, check the status of a translation or project, and to request or send more files.

    Our project managers are also in charge of escalating issues during the project. In the translation industry having an organization-wide commitment to project management not only leads to better short- and long-term results, but also brings important resources to the client by building strong databases and resources that will lower the cost of service and reduce the turnaround for translation and services, by building personalized systems to accomplish any task.


    World Communications provides document translation services in more than 150 languages. Our team of translators includes specialists that have been certified through a wide range of organizations such as ATIO in Ontario Canada, STIBC in British Columbia, OTTIAQ in Quebec, ATIA in Alberta, ATIM in Manitoba, ATIS in Saskatchewan, ATINS in Nova Scotia, AIIC and CTTIC in Canada, CTINB in New brunswick, and other organizations in Canada, as well as some of the best certification organizations in the United States and worldwide.

    We have a broad and diverse team in Canada, and around the world. Some of our clients prefer our home-based team as they know how to satisfy Canadian, French Canadian or American requirements, while others prefer to work with our in-country translators and proofreaders trying to reach specific targets with the most accurate cultural content, often through localization services. Working with translators overseas ensures that target-country formatting and stylistic preferences are followed; however, our professional and experienced local team also works with their native language as a target language, and they hold professional certifications and studies that guarantee the highest quality and the best outcome for your translation project. Both our local and international teams are constantly renewing their credentials, and are always up-to-date with the latest technological, cultural and professional innovations.

    Rush turnaround service is available, as well as automated translation options for high-volume document translation projects.

    Services: – Translation in 150 languages – Transcription and Subtitling – Localization and Marketing Translation – Legal Translation – Document Translation – Technical Translation – Pharmaceutical Translation – Medical Translation – Financial Translation – Scientific Translation – Mining Translation – For Interpretation, Telephone Interpretation and more services please see next page


    World Communications provides professional interpreting services in more than 100 languages. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreters are available for all your needs. Our interpreters are trained for multicultural events, conferences, business meetings, court cases, teleconferencing, medical appointments, depositions, arbitration, telephone calls, walking tours, and much more. Interpretation services are available on a one-on-one basis or we can provide interpreters for small and large groups, conferences, and any other event.

    We have a global network of professional interpreters. We only work with the most qualified interpreters for each industry and for each project.

    Often companies and organizations are required to work with multilingual teams for business services, business meetings, conferences, trainings, workshops, product launches, and other occasions where two or more languages create a communication barrier.

    Our interpreters have made a positive impact in our clients’ events, reinforcing high quality services and communication. Interpretation is also used for personal services, medical appointments, immigration appointments, depositions, courts and other personal events.



    For occasions when there are one or more speakers. The interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sentence or an idea, and then delivers the speaker's words in the target language. Our interpreters are professionally trained and certified. There are several ways interpreters can render long speeches faithfully and accurately, including special note-taking and memory techniques.  

    Consecutive interpretation is best suited for situations involving small crowds, as well as when a personal touch is required. We recommend consecutive interpretation for business meetings, press conferences, teleconferences, interviews, or any other one-on-one type of communication.  


    In general, for simultaneous interpretation, our interpreters work in a sound-proof booth that we provide. The booth enables all parties involved to focus on their work without the distraction of hearing another language. The participants must wear special headphones that we also provide, and the interpreter renders the speech into the target language while the main speaker talks. Simultaneous interpretation requires a tremendous level of concentration; simultaneous interpreters often work in teams of two, unless the need for an interpreter is relatively short. For assignments that are longer than one hour, we recommend using two interpreters.  

    Simultaneous interpretation is mostly used for conferences and meetings. When you have a large amount of information to share, simultaneous interpretation will help you save time by delivering the speech at the same time. There is no limit to the number of people who can participate during an event which uses simultaneous interpretation. All you need to convey your message is to use our special headphones.

    The cost of the booth and the rental of interpretation devices, headphones, and equipment is given in a separate estimate.


    Telephone interpretation allows you to have a real-time access to live interpreters in more than 100 languages. You can either register as a customer and book an interpreter on the phone, or you can call directly by dialing a toll-free number, allowing you to use a dedicated line.

    Once you are connected, you will be able to have a professional interpreter on the phone that will allow you to communicate with someone in a different language in real-time.

    Telephone interpretation is a very inexpensive service that helps you get through those moments when you need to communicate important information to another person for legal, medical, or other personal or business matters. Please send us a message for more information. We will contact you immediately, and set up the telephone or video conference right away.

    Services: – Interpretation in 150 languages – Consecutive Interpretation – Simultaneous Interpretation – Telephone Interpretation – Public speakers and voice talent in any language


    In a global and digital environment, multimedia has become an essential aspect of any marketing, communications, or business strategy. In our modern world, human behaviours and communications are rooted in culture, language, diversity and equality.


    Our video editors, directors and professional film-crew create high quality videos for presentations, training and corporate purposes. We focus on corporate video and branded, multilingual content. We are different to anyone because we focus on multicultural markets where language plays a role, and our multicultural team understands your target audience.

    Video presentations provide a stronger impact factor, which can benefit your employees and stakeholders, and help your business to achieve higher goals. Our work is always tailored to best suit the needs and visions of your project.


    Our media specialists create multimedia products for your target market, enhancing your multicultural marketing efforts. We research your target market and the online habits of your customers; then we create multimedia content, video, and audio, to maximize your message through dynamic and targeted communications. We provide video producers, copywriters in more than 100 languages, and native voice talent in several languages, all blended together to create unique communications for your company.


    We create multimedia content for internal or external corporate communications, training videos and presentations in several languages.

    Diversity and inclusion are a key driver of internal innovation and business growth, and critical for organization’s ability to innovate and adapt in a fast-changing environment. We create audio and video for internal and external communications with multicultural purposes. We can help create or adapt messages for your company, as well as create your training videos, corporate communications, presentations, and any other business media for your communications plan.

    Many businesses forget that if you do not intentionally include, you unintentionally exclude.


    Transcription is the written version of recorded voices, words or speeches. Transcription is usually done in the same language, however we provide translation services and depending on the language, we can translate directly from the audio.


    Subtitling is the adaptation of text to the format of subtitles from audio or dialogues that have been previously translated. The subtitles should be displayed over the video and synchronized with the audio. Captioning is the usual term for subtitling in the same language as the spoken dialogues. Note that the usual output of this service is a specific text file with the subtitles and time codes (e.g. an .srt file).


    Voice-over or dubbing script is a translated version of a video, written in the form of a script intended to be read out loud by voice talents. Their voice is then superimposed on the translated video.


    Multicultural or cross-cultural marketing is the use of marketing towards one or more audiences of a specific ethnicity.

    You do not necessarily have to be a member of a particular culture to successfully market to that culture or social group. Successful multicultural marketing involves researching and understanding your target demographic. Though language concerns are an important component of any marketing plan, direct translations may not effectively transfer your idea from one language to another. We can adapt your words for your target market, as well as your choice of images, colours, and other content, to avoid having dangerous repercussions for your brand. If you simply translate information without adapting your message, you will probably fail in your communication efforts. 

    Our comprehensive plan blends different services together, creating a unique approach to internal and external communications. Our services are available in several languages. Our advantage over any other advertising or communications agency is that we have multilingual professionals with cross-cultural, business, marketing, and communications experience; professionals who can understand the specifics of your project, and provide the best results.



    We are proud of our staff’s knowledge and experience, as well as their innovation. We blend experience and new tendencies for all industries, making sure that your communications reflect a professional and updated style for a fast-paced digital world.

    Project Management and Team Work

    Without a specialized team, that can provide innovation and powerful solutions to your needs, you may be losing quality and resources. We offer multiple high quality translations and translation teams for each job, which will always be available for your special projects.


    Companies that work with World Communications get great discounts based on volume. The higher your word count is at the end of each month, the lower the price will be. This is only one of the many advantages of working with World Communications. You will not be paying per each project you have, instead we will have a final word count per month. We will also assign the same translator or the best team of translators to your project to make sure accuracy and quality are always at the same level.

    The Truth About Accuracy and Quality in Translation

    We follow strict Canadian and American quality assurance guidelines; we select carefully the right professional to work on each project. We have the advantage of working closely with our people rather than producing massive translation projects assigned to random translators whenever they are available.

    Our professional translators are constantly learning and updating their credentials and knowledge. Languages are alive and constantly changing; technology and social media have had an impact on the way language is used in a global way. Though translators living in North America can handle straightforward translation and localization tasks, there will still be instances in which in-country translators are required. Projects for specific target cultures will be assigned to specialists in that culture. Our project manager will help you choose the right approach for each project.

    Our Approach for Regional Projects

    We have worked with multiple projects in different regions of the world. Sometimes we must adapt the same content to different locations within the same country to create a stronger impact at the local level. The wording for a project targeting a highly populated region of a country versus a small community that is located far away from urban sites can make a difference in how that project is received.

    Also, communicating to an audience with investment and corporate targets may be different than trying to convey a message to an evolving community in a rural area. Software translation is a archaic resource that does not create reliable content, but even if a highly trained linguist translates the text, the level of cultural and technical nuance required to effectively resonate with a specific audience may not be sufficient. We have the best professionals for your specific project for any market, location, or target.

    Cross-Functional Teams for Translation and Communications

    One of the many advantages of working with World Communications is that we have experience working with other professionals in fields beyond translation, localization and language content. We often work with graphic designers, lawyers, marketers, videographers, multimedia professionals, and more. You won’t have to shop around and work independently with different professionals or agencies that specialize in each one of these trades. We can help you meet your needs, whatever they may be. When you work separately with different professionals in different agencies, each one will understand your project in a different way, which complicates the process of maintaining one core concept in your overall project. Having one project manager for all your needs will help you find a faster and cost effective solution for your content needs.

    Considerations for Multicultural Projects • Colours, shapes, sizes • Slang, idioms, • Graphics, Images, icons, styles • Market conditions specific to your industry • humour, etiquette, symbols, sense of power, relationships, beliefs • Slang terms • Specific market conditions and advertising trends • Design and celebrity trends • Technology and media developments

    Also • Date and time formats, telephone numbers, contact information • Weights, measurements, geographical references • Language content; product descriptions, reviews

    Global Campaigns

    World Communications can adapt translation and communications for national or regional markets by creating campaigns for specific audiences with diverse behaviours. With the rapid transfer of information on social media channels, it is crucial to maintain a strong worldwide vision of your brand and your messaging.


How we do it


We offer a comprehensive service with translators, interpreters, multimedia developers, lawyers, voice talent, and other communicators that excel in multilingual and multicultural projects. Additionally, our personalized customer service sets us apart from other translation and communication companies. All our services will be executed by a project manager that understands your project and helps you to achieve your goals.


Your time is extremely valuable and we understand challenging deadlines. Out translation team is always available for rush or regular assignments. We offer a fast turn-around for all orders, always providing the highest quality. Translation, marketing, culture, communication, and language have strong links that should be considered in each project. We provide an integrated range of solutions to your communication needs ensuring that your requirements are met under the same structure.


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every translation and on every service. We use the latest technology in the industry, we assign a project manager and industry specialists to your account to match each project requirements, maintaining the standards and terminology of your projects. We are proud to be an error-free company. We are members of the American Translators Association, the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario, and We are a certified CAMSC member.


We are committed to providing you with the best price in the market for a high quality and specialized service. We will match the price and offer an extra discount for estimates offered by qualified competitors with similar quality. We follow strict procedures and have confidentiality agreements in place to guarantee the highest quality of your projects. Our experienced and specialized project management team and our professionals will provide you with a superior service and successful results.



We connect people by using the latest technology in the market and experienced professionals for all our multilingual and multicultural services. Our team of translators, interpreters, media developers, linguists, and writers, can help you achieve the best results in Mining, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Energy, Education, Film, Information, Construction, Government and other fields.


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