World Communications is an innovative and successful language service provider in Canada.

We are determined to change methodical translation agencies’ models by creating a multi-functional business that covers all your language and multimedia needs through innovation, excellence and creativity, backing our efforts with the best customer service you’ve ever experienced, at affordable and competitive prices. Our best quality is our team. We have some of the best translators and professionals in Canada, the US and around the world. We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important achievement of our company, and we base our results on a solid personnel structure.

Our mission is to provide quality translation, interpretation, localization, multilingual and multicultural communications and media services to clients in all industries in addition to a fast turnaround, alongside innovative solutions and effective advice with a guarantee of the best prices on the market.

We connect people by using the latest technology on the market and use only experienced professionals for all our multilingual and multicultural services.

World Communications has been a Canadian leader in language, translation, interpretation, multilingual and multicultural communications and media services since 2008.

We help organizations through translation and interpretation to build internal and external communications in multilingual environments.

We have assisted thousands of people with quality translation, interpretation, communications and media services, providing innovative customer service and professional support.

World Communications services are offered in 150 languages

Communicating in global environments involves an important responsibility regarding diversity and inclusion. We are proud to help countless individuals and corporations worldwide communicate through multimedia services in almost any language.

Our team of translators specializes in industries such as Mining, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Energy, Education, Film, Information, Construction and Government, among others, ensuring you achieve the best results.


We give back by reducing costs for organizations that contribute directly to the sustainability of the world’s natural resources, and for those contributing to the fight against climate change.

We collaborate with services for communities and marginalized minorities.

Fernando Gomez

Fernando Gomez

Director. Canada
Georgina Frei

Georgina Frei

European Languages. Manager
Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez

Latin America Manager
Carolina Zabala

Carolina Zabala

Certified Translation
Neda Peeff

Neda Peeff

Translation and Interpretation Services
Axel Trouilleau

Axel Trouilleau

French Services Admin.

Letter by the Director

“We love building dreams through translation and languages”

One of the things that I love about the translation industry is the great opportunity to connect with cultures and languages from all over the world. It is enriching to collaborate with all kind of industries, communities and personalities, to learn constantly about new projects and help others to consolidate their ideas through our specialties.

We have had the opportunity to meet with great people, including CEOs and executives from some of the most relevant companies in the world, leaders, artists, and personalities from all industries. It has been a pleasure to be part of their projects.

We have also had the opportunity to meet and work for immigrants, entrepreneurs and people with big dreams. Our work has helped them shape their future and consolidate some of their goals. We feel rewarded by seeing how people achieve those milestones.

We feel so proud when we see our work printed in several countries, in companies, on walls and boards, on the TV, in magazines, or on the internet. We love to say, we did that, and we did it well!

We have earned the trust of governments and organizations, of businesses and individuals, and this is what we are most proud of.

The most important part of World Communications is our team. When you have excellent people working on your projects, you don’t have to worry about the results. Our team has the experience to create high-quality communications, and with our quality standards, values, customer service, and experience, we deliver one of the best translation and communications services in North America.

Thanks for letting us be your multilingual voice.