How does telephone translation work?

Telephone interpreter services are available 24/7 through our app

Telephone translation should properly be called telephone interpretation or telephone interpreting. Telephone interpreting connects human interpreters on real time via telephone to individuals that need to communicate with each other but speak different languages between them.

The telephone interpreter becomes an active participant in your live meeting, working to make sure communication happens on the spot. They convert one spoken language from to another on the fly, enabling listeners and speakers to understand each other.

Whether you are having a meeting between business branches in different countries, providing services to an international client, or speaking with a recent immigrant, you will be able to make immediate progress without having to wait for written translations or documents to be exchanged.

How do I access a telephone interpreter?

You can get in touch with an interpreter in real-time over the phone on an as-needed basis – no need to book in advance.

You can call our main phone number to request live telephone translation, and we will connect you with a suitable translator right away. Calls are toll-free in Canada and the United States at 844-WORDING (967-3464). International calls can be placed through our main switchboard in Toronto at 1-416-890-0210.

If you are one of our registered clients, you can also take advantage of our app. Use the app to indicate which two languages you need translated, and submit your request. A suitable translator will return your call shortly and live translation services will begin immediately.

For example, consider an English-speaking doctor who is helping a patient that only speaks Arabic. The doctor accesses our World Communications Interpreting App, and chooses the two languages they need, Arabic and English. The app will broadcast that a client is calling for an interpreter for Arabic and English; the appropriate interpreter answers the phone and immediately provides translation services between doctor and patient, helping them to understand each other.

What languages are available for telephone interpretation?

World Communications supports over 100 languages for live, real-time telephone interpretation. Please consult our online list of supported languages for reference, or access our app to view all options and combinations.

Can I book telephone translation services in advance?

You can absolutely book one of our telephone interpreters in advance by getting in touch with our main office. Pre-booking is a great solution if you are having a pre-planned business meeting or conference that will require translation and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that a suitable translator will be available at the needed day and time. Please get in touch with our Toronto office at 1-416-890-0210 or email us through our Contact Page with the details.

How many parties can be involved in the call?

You can connect multiple devices to the call.

If all parties are present in the same room, a single device is suitable. But we can also accommodate remote meetings with multiple locations and devices. Two or more devices can be connected at once and our translation services will be broadcast to all connected parties.

Two women communicating with telephone translation services

Is video live translation also available?

Yes. We do have an option for our clients to set up video live translation. This option works best when there is one speaker presenting to a group; the interpreter can translate the presenter’s information as required to the audience.

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