What is technical translation?

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Technical translation is the translation of documents or information that relate to a scientific, legal, medical, or financial field.

These types of documents often contain specialized jargon and concepts that require a translation specialist. A qualified technical translator is fluent in both the original language and the target language, but also has the training and experience to truly understand the nuances of the content and terminology involved.

What types of technical translation are there?

Technical translations fall into several general categories, based on your field and your target audience. A specialized technical translator will be required if your company produces any of these types of content.


Patent writing is almost an artform; a delicate balance is required between including the technical information required to be awarded the patent, and leaving the definition of the new invention broad enough to allow for a wide range of applications. In addition to being able to explain any technical details of the project, the patent must meet government standards and use their approved jargon as well.

A patent translator has expertise in your technical field as well as the art of patent application and can bring it all together for a quality technical translation.

User Manuals

User manuals and operation manuals can be of critical importance when it comes to safety. To make sure that machinery, medicines, or equipment can be used safely, a clear and precise translation is absolutely critical.

User documentation can mean more than just physical manuals, too. Translations for online help pages, in-software instructions, and details for filling out online forms are all important pieces of your business. Reduce customer frustration and make your products popular and useful with high quality technical translation.

Journal Articles and Research Papers

Publishing your research internationally can make a huge difference to your reputation and career – but only if your research is accurately translated. Make sure your conclusions are properly communicated and all technical data is properly represented in all target languages by using a professional technical translator.

Contracts and other Legal Documents

All legal documents contain standardized jargon, and it’s important for certification purposes to use a specialized translator with legal training and experience. Make sure your contracts are legal in all languages by using a certified translator that knows both the terminology and the nuances of the law.

Government Applications

Writing government applications is a skill on its own, but being able to capture the key elements of applications and still meet all guidelines in another language is definitely a job for a skilled technical translation expert. A proper translation will ensure that your drug and food approvals, or requests for funding, are properly processed and meet all regulations.

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Product Spec Sheets

We’ve all seen badly translated assembly instructions. Prevent unhappy customers and an overloaded support line by making sure your product instructions are properly translated for all your target audiences.

If you rely on technical spec sheets or manufacturing reports to check the quality of your items or reassure potential customers, then all the more reason to have these translated by someone who understands your field and can ensure that your production specifications are communicated properly.

Financial and Technical Reports

When it comes to fields like mining and engineering, technical reports are key to satisfying shareholders and keeping track of your company’s progress. For any industry, financial reports can also be critical to communicating your company’s progress and bottom-line growth. Keep your customers and investors happy with properly communicated information about your success and results in all languages.

Why should I hire a technical translation specialist?

Technical translations require a high level of precision and a deep insight into the content that goes beyond a simple text conversion. This type of content is not familiar to most people; only a technical translation specialist can combine knowledge of the languages involved as well as the industry to make sure all content is translated accurately, with detail.

Any bad translation can undermine your corporate image and brand. But when it comes to technical documents, poor translations can:

  • Create safety issues, putting workers and facilities at risk
  • Create unexpected issues with legal documents, preventing the forward progress of legal operations
  • Block the approval of funding, approvals, or patents with government agencies
  • Expose your company to unforeseen legal liabilities, dangerous operating environments, or tax issues

Don’t put your company at risk. Use an experienced technical translator for all your technical documents and information, and know that the right information is being shared with the right audience.

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